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My Education

Gidette Zwinger,RD

Gidette is the proud owner of Sun City Nutrition & Wellness, a virtual private practice for nutrition coaching and counseling, specializing in diabetes, weight management, PCOS, and general wellness. Gidette is passionate about inspiring others to create positive nutrition and lifestyle changes to achieve their desired goals. Gidette understands that an individual is more than their diagnosis and that the one diet fits all mentality is bogus and unreasonable. Gidette provides support and helps guide clients to develop an individualized plan that considers their unique characteristics and lifestyles. She will provide you the knowledge and tools you need to steer you towards optimal health and an improved quality of life.


Outside of work, Gidette enjoys traveling and hiking with her husband and friends, petting dogs, exploring new recipes and catching up on the latest nutrition research.

Affiliations & memberships

Priority Nutrition Care Dietetic Internship | 2020

Arizona State University - Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics | 2018